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We had a relaxed trip at Princess Villa of Princess D’Annam. This is a new and nicely decorated villa with small pool. The service is very good and caring to hotel guest. We went there during public holidays but the ...
- Mr. Nam Nguyen -
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Magnificent Vietnamese Aloe, recommended for all skin type with natural cooling effect.

Cooling Cucumber, recommended for sensitive or oily skin to control secretion of sebum while promoting new cell growth.
Carrot Glimmer, packed with vitamin A and Beta Carotene to remove skin blemishes and restore its natural Ph balance.
60 minutes                 USD 72
Age Defying Firming Facial
A rich and nourishing facial treatment effectively combating the signs of premature aging and wrinkles with pure selected ingredients to gives skin maximum comfort and a ultimate skin care.

Purifying Facial

Formulated for relaxation, drainage and activation of the skin’s metabolism while calming & soothe the senses. Recommended for acne and sensitive skin.

After Sun Restorative Facial
Healing skin care to relieve redness & irritation after the sun. Recommended for environmentally damaged skin. Feel the softness of the skin after this luxurious therapy.

Before Sun Protective Facial
An immediate beautifying face treatment, resulting in velvety and total skin protection. Smile with a glowing before you enjoy the perfect sun.
60 minutes                  USD 78
Secret of Indochina Facial
Formerly the women of the North of Vietnam used the green roller jade during cold and rough climate to allow smooth features and for anti aging treatment. This ancestral method kept hidden in the utmost secrecy of their traditional recipes and now Princess D’Annam exclusively reveals it for the beauty of you.
60 minutes                  USD 84