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We had a relaxed trip at Princess Villa of Princess D’Annam. This is a new and nicely decorated villa with small pool. The service is very good and caring to hotel guest. We went there during public holidays but the ...
- Mr. Nam Nguyen -
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Body Care: Scrub

Be pampered with Princess secret garden selections using only natural fresh local fruits &        ingredients.
 Coconut Cocoon
Coconut has been known for it’s multidimensional properties in Asian countries for many years. By using few of it’s nutritional properties we came up with an excellent body polish for even very sensitive skin.  Enjoy the richness of coconut milk being polished carefully on your skin, while the skin turns silky smooth.
Papaya Elixir
Enveloped by ripe Papaya, let the skin absorb the enzymes and vitamins of the fruit to work it’s optimum level which leaves your skin soft and radiant. Enjoy a relaxing head massage while the whole procedure is on.
Coffee Purifier Body Glow
Finely ground Vietnamese coffee peeling to penetrate through and to shed the top most layer of the skin. This polish will help to regenerate new cell & award back its lost glow. Also recommended to reduce cellulite problem. Complete with fresh milk splash on the skin to bring a healthy radiance.
Sparkling with Sesame
Formulated to extract oil from the seeds by rubbing them over the skin, while using the seed crust and oil as a natural exfoliator to remove dead cells, provide the skin with infinite smoothness & perfection.
50 minutes                              USD 72