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We had a relaxed trip at Princess Villa of Princess D’Annam. This is a new and nicely decorated villa with small pool. The service is very good and caring to hotel guest. We went there during public holidays but the ...
- Mr. Nam Nguyen -
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Body Massage Therapies

Synchronized Massage
A specialized massage created to have ultimate ecstasy for body and mind. Feel the unique fusion of 4 trained hands, blended together to soothe your tired muscles and lift your energy level to reach your peak.
90 minutes                    USD 175

Princess Signature Massage
Feel the rhythm of thousand waves over your body in our signature massage, where carefully selected massage techniques and aromatherapy oils will restore your overall sense of well-being.
90 minutes                    USD 90
Thai Massage
Thai massage is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai Medicine. The body is been pressed, stretched, and twisted focusing on body’s main Sen or Energy channels, to release any energy blockage.
90 minutes                    USD 90

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A holistic approach to promote a healthy lymphatic system and help the body produces a free-flowing lymphatic system, to reduce blockage, as well as other bodily system such as the circulatory, respiratory, muscular and endocrine system.
90 minutes                    USD 90

Deep Tissue Massage
A therapeutic massage therapy that works by physically breaking down the adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Very helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back, tightness and sore shoulders.
90 minutes                    USD 90

Marma Massage
Marma are centers for vital force Prana, the master power behind life process of  human body and an important diagnostic tool in Ayurveda.  At marma sites toxins, stress and negative emotions get blocked sometimes for years, causing diseases, swelling, pain, etc. Enjoy this special Ayurvedic body work where therapist will focus on marma sites to stimulate, adjust and improve energy flow.

75 minutes               USD 75

Mekong Massage
Inspired by an initiatory journey through the meanders of the Mekong and its luxuriant jungle. Combination of gliding waves, movements of cat paws, wings of butterfly are the souvenirs of this wild nature specially created to soothe your inner senses, tone your muscle & restore your energy.
60 minutes                     USD 80

Vietnamese Massage
A traditional massage from Vietnam combining pressure points, long strokes & muscle stimulation to promote a deep state of relaxation and to reduce stress & tension.
60 minutes                    USD 70
90 minutes                    USD 90

Jet lag Massage      
Even the ardent travelers need to lighten their body mind and soul.A treatment where selected oil with defined massage strokes will help to regain balance in the flow of energy throughout the body
60 minutes                    USD 70
90 minutes                    USD 90

Lomi-Lomi Massage
Adapted from traditional Hawaiian massage, this therapeutic relaxing therapy using rhythmic forearms and elbow movement with a variety of massage strokes to relieve energy blockage in body, improves physical and calming the nerves.   
60 minutes                    USD 70
90 minutes                    USD 90

Foot Massage
A therapy dedicated to the most neglected but largely exerted part of our body - LEGS. This invigorating and revitalizing massage will leave your legs light & rejuvenated.
60 minutes                    USD 55

Su Jok Hands Accupressure

“Su” means a hand, and “Jok” means a foot in Korean. This therapy describes the systems of correspondence of hands which are panels of remote control of a person’s health and as a kind of a small clinic which cure the body’s illnesses in a natural way.
 60 minutes                     USD 30